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montana wedding solutions

Crafting Moments, Building Dreams, and Celebrating Love

Montana Wedding Solutions

Our Story

Welcome to Montana Wedding Solutions, where dreams are crafted, and celebrations come to life against the stunning backdrop of the Big Sky State. I’m Erika Sherek, a Certified Professional Wedding Planner and Bridal Consultant with an illustrious career in the event industry dating back to 1998. While my journey began in the corporate world, my true love for orchestrating unforgettable moments found its home in weddings since 2008. Events have been my passion for decades, and now, after years of hands-on experience, I am shifting gears. My focus is on educating couples, ensuring they navigate the complexities of wedding planning with confidence by understanding the intricacies they may not even know exist. Additionally, I’m deeply committed to supporting fellow vendors, particularly aspiring planners, helping them grow and succeed in their craft.

Joining me in this venture is Tyson Cronk, a seasoned DJ with over a decade of experience. Tyson’s journey started in the energetic bar and club scene, and for the past eight years, he has been infusing joy into weddings with his passion for music. His expertise lies in making every celebration a lively and memorable experience.

Montana Wedding Solutions is the culmination of five years of dedication, creativity, and a shared commitment to the magic of weddings. This platform goes beyond the ordinary—it’s a comprehensive resource for couples and vendors alike, offering inspiration, education, and community. Whether you’re envisioning your dream wedding or seeking to thrive in the wedding industry, Montana Wedding Solutions is here to guide, inspire, and elevate your journey. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary adventure, where love meets the endless possibilities of Montana’s enchanting landscapes.

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