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Wedding Resources

Welcome to our comprehensive Wedding Resources page, designed to be your go-to hub for couples and vendors alike as you navigate the exciting journey of planning and executing a memorable wedding. For couples, discover a treasure trove of guides, checklists, and expert advice tailored to every aspect of your wedding day, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience. Explore tips on vendor selection, venue considerations, and unique touches to make your celebration uniquely yours. Vendors, dive into a wealth of resources aimed at elevating your craft – from the latest industry trends to business growth strategies and customer service excellence. Additionally, find opportunities for networking and collaboration within our vibrant community. Whether you’re exchanging vows or providing essential services, our Wedding Resources page is your compass in creating moments that last a lifetime.

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Change Your Name

HitchSwitch was born of an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make life easier. HitchSwitch founder Jake Wolff was in his first year at Fordham Law School, where he toyed with the idea of starting a business and hoped to experience his “Eureka!” moment.

As most good ideas come from real life, when Jake got married in 2010 his wife wished for straightforward, easy step-by-step instructions to simplify the name change process, and HitchSwitch was born!

Jake believes no one should ever wait in long lines at multiple government offices, only to find out they completed an outdated name change form. He sought to create a website where one could quickly and easily change their name after the ‘big day,’ while eliminating all the hassles associated with locating and completing the necessary forms, and the piles upon piles of paperwork.

Honeymoon Registry

Bye-bye, Tacky Registries. The honeymoon fund for your forever after.

Receive guilt-free cash contributions towards the honeymoon you’ve always wanted. Fund experiences, cash pools, adventures, and more—all in one place.

Honeyfund is the only gift registry that makes your dream honeymoon happen and powers your happily-ever-after with the help of friends and family — with zero fees. Made for couples who prioritize experiences over toasters, Honeyfund is the most trusted honeymoon and cash registry site with nearly $1 billion gifted.


Honeymoon Planning Guide

We have your free guide to choosing and creating the honeymoon of your dreams! Simply enter your email to get our downloadable version of the Lonely Planet Honeymoon Handbook.

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