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Welcome to Montana Wedding Solutions: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Montana Weddings!

At Montana Wedding Solutions, love and celebrations are our heartbeat, and our passion is deeply rooted in crafting extraordinary weddings amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Montana. What started as a humble Facebook group has blossomed into a thriving community dedicated to connecting couples with their dream wedding teams and giving vendors a spotlight on the global stage.

Our Foundations: It all began with a simple idea – creating a space where couples could find their perfect wedding team and vendors could shine on a platform that reaches couples worldwide. Our Montana Wedding Solutions Facebook Group became the heart of this community, fostering connections, sharing inspiration, and building relationships that go beyond borders. But the expansion of this group into Montana Wedding Solutions was derived from an idea of Mountain Wedding Solutions created by Patricia Naumoff (planner in Wyoming), Robyn Bruns (lanner in Idaho) and myself at a wedding conference in 2021. You can still listen to the Mountain Wedding Talk Podcast for tips and stories for planning your mountain wedding.

The Hub for Montana Vendors: Our website serves as the directory for vendors to be discovered and couples to find their ideal Montana wedding experts. We believe in making the process seamless, ensuring that every couple can connect with vendors who resonate with their vision.

Empowering Connections: Beyond the digital realm, we’re taking it to the next level with workshops, webinars, and events designed to unite vendors across the state. Our goal is to create a network where vendors can collaborate, share insights, and elevate their craft. For couples, it’s about forging a connection with their wedding team even before the first meeting.

Tune into Love: Launching on January 31st, our weekly podcast is set to be a window into the world of Montana weddings. From showcasing vendors statewide to featuring couples in the midst of planning or relishing their Montana wedding bliss, we aim to bring you stories that inspire, educate, and celebrate the love that permeates every wedding.

Education and Celebration: We’re committed to keeping couples informed about every aspect of their wedding journey, from planning to the honeymoon. Simultaneously, our focus on workshops and events ensures that vendors stay at the forefront of their craft, delivering unparalleled service to their couples.

A Grateful Heart: To all who have contributed to making Montana Wedding Solutions a reality, we extend our deepest gratitude. We’re thrilled about the future, excited to witness the love stories that will unfold, and honored to be a part of your Montana wedding journey.

Cheers to love, celebration, and the magic of Montana weddings!

With love, Montana Wedding Solutions

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